Skill Building & Leadership Training

Ready to build pragmatic skills to be applied over many years?

The Bader Group’s trainings and workshops feature skill building in an interactive environment.  Each workshop is highly customized based on the clients’ specific needs and challenges.

Benefits of The Bader Group’s Workshops:

  • Build practical skills to address common management/leadership challenges
  • Employees learn best practice approaches saving them future time and headaches
  • Organization focuses on professional development
  • Ideal for busy schedules
  • Organization builds teamwork among participants
  • Ideally, business performance improves

Common Topics:

Choose from a variety of topics or we can tailor our designs based on requested topics.  Some topics are best suited for supervisory or management personnel while other topics benefit all types and levels of employees, managers and leaders.  Intact teams also value discussing these topics together.Compass

  • Three Roads to Trust
  • Managing Your Boss
  • Delegation
  • Setting Expectations
  • Coaching for Performance
  • Creating a Feedback-Based Culture
  • Creating a Team Charter
  • Creative Problem Solving


A variety of formats:

  • Lunch & Learns allowing for brown bag or company offered lunch. At the end of the workshop, all attendants receive a handout summarizing the topic covered encouraging and allowing for continued practice of the new skill acquired.
  • ½ Day of Skill Building practice and feedback on the methods and principles. Additional handouts, follow-up goals set, and peer follow-through.
  • Full Day with Multiple Practice rounds, often including video-taping with feedback. Workbook, active goal setting, and follow-up coaching calls to ensure practice and success.
  • Multiple days covering a variety of managerial topics to build well rounded managers and leaders.

Three Phases to every workshop:

  1. Engaging all participants through preparations:
    • a) Conduct an interview with a key stakeholder (such as an executive or manager) to learn the business context for the workshop and understand the participants, or
    • b) Conduct an online readiness survey of the expected audience to gauge their needs and skill levels. This data collection serves as a needs analysis and opportunity to motivate the participants beforehand. Most importantly, outcomes and measures of business success will result.
  2. Conducting the workshop: The Bader Group’s workshops employ highly interactive techniques and tools to fully engage participants and build a learning community. We utilize art, video, humor, and original activities to stimulate learning and emphasize critical skills and methods.  For example, to illustrate the need to provide specific feedback in performance coaching, we had teams play competitive darts with one blind-folded player per team throwing real darts.  Of course, the better the team’s coaching and feedback, the more accurate the blind dart thrower.  Don’t worry, no one was hurt and safety was everyone’s responsibility.
  1. Follow-up: Depending on the length of the workshop, different follow-up mechanisms come into play:
  2. Follow-up coaching call to the group leader or chosen representative.
  3. The above plus an email note to all participants that contains suggestions, encouragement, and notes from their workshop.
  4. Individual or Group based Coaching calls for all participants.

Connect with us for a conversation on what may be most suitable for your organization and needs.  858-717-0601 or email hello[at]

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