Organization Assessment & Development

Is your organization functioning as effectively as you would like?

Organization Assessment and Development interventions are used to address particular organizational challenges or to maximize effectiveness.  The Bader Group partners with the committed client to prepare, introduce, and implement the right intervention.

For almost 30 years, The Bader Group has provided clients with organization development services that are highly customized, examples include:

  • Highlighting, understanding and prioritizing an international Manufacturing and Outsourcing Services Company’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats and Trends by facilitating a ½ day team session utilizing a SWOTT analysis.
  • Resolving conflict among the leadership team of a large law firm through confidential interviews, staff surveys and executive coaching to assess the situation and implement new roles and responsibilities.
  • Revising a nursing structure to reduce costly turnover through interviews that assessed the administrators, physicians, nurses, staff, and patients’ views of the challenges. The Bader Group provided executive coaching to many stakeholders, guided the re-organization of the unit’s management team, and managed follow-through with peer coaching and communication workshops for all parties involved.  Nurses stopped leaving the unit and morale dramatically improved.
  • Facilitating an annual managers’ day for a children’s hospital through preliminary needs analysis of the hospital’s challenges and the 75 managers’ motivation levels, performance coaching of the leadership team, design of the day with an advisory board, facilitation of team building activities and peer coaching, creative listening activities, and follow-through for new commitments.
  • Leading a week long strategic planning off-site for an international retailer through collaboration with Human Resources staff and the leadership team, initial assessments, facilitating peer coaching and action learning, executive coaching, team building activities, and long term follow-through. This week was a breakthrough event for the entire group and it recharged the relationships and effectiveness of the team that lead to a dramatic increase in sales and promotions for many participants.
  • Serving on a design team for succession management of a global bank through providing best practices research on leadership development, creating assumptions relevant to the multi-cultural aspects of the culture, facilitating executive commitment and sponsorship, offering executive coaching, and guiding strategic planning for leadership development. The philosophy, programs and activities continue with measurable results.
  • Facilitating an engineering leadership team’s effectiveness over eight years through guiding strategic planning sessions, providing executive coaching and sensitive feedback, assessing issues, managing change, resolving conflict, peer coaching, communicating, and measuring results.

Every organization development intervention is sensitive, confidential, and complex.  Typically, Organization Development services feature the following phases:
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  • Assessment of the Organization, Department, or Team to learn the issues and concerns, glean levels of motivation for change, build rapport and trust, and adapt to the culture of the organization. Methods include:
  • Custom surveys
  • Focus groups
  • Multi-rater feedback
  • Objective individual assessments
  • Interviews
  • Observations/ Shadowing
  • Archival data
  • Data Analysis to assess causes of the challenge and prepare the executive feedback. Methods include:
  • Content analysis
  • Statistical analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Feedback to the executive sponsor, leadership team, or advisory board through confidential consultation, off-site retreats, or meetings. The purpose of this feedback is to gain commitment to a change and plan the organization development intervention.  A written report is always included.
  • Design and Facilitation of Interventions appropriate to the scope, purpose, and goals of the client’s organization effectiveness needs. The Bader Group’s repeat business stems from our design creativity, experience, and resourcefulness.  Examples include: group involvement prior to the off-site, customized icebreakers and time savers, use of media, fast paced high involvement activities, executive and peer coaching, fun via high participation, trust, and efficient goal setting.  Sample interventions are provided above and they range from facilitating sensitive meetings to leading complex off-site retreats.
  • Follow-Up and Evaluation through follow-on executive coaching and peer coaching, tactical planning meetings, communication sessions, written materials, celebration of success, and management training. Results are evaluated by goal accomplishment, ROI, project fulfillment, process documentation, new behaviors, coaching success, and/or measurement through post surveys or interviews.


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