Group Coaching & Action Learning

Would you like your leaders to solve organizational problems while building leadership skills?

 What is it?

Group Coaching, sometimes called Action Learning, Peer Coaching, or Learning Networks is a reflective process guided by a participatory structure among a small group of individuals targeting work-related projects.

Group coaching utilizes active learning, experiential exercises, and reflective listening to achieve outcomes.  The Bader Group facilitates Group Coaching sessions to build leadership at all organizational levels in a format that brings people together to reflect and prepare to act on problems and issues facing them and to learn about themselves in the process.

 “Reflection doesn’t take anything away from decisiveness, from being a person of action. In fact, it generates the inner toughness that you need to be an effective person of action – to be a leader.”

Reference: Peter Koestenbaum. Fast Company Magazine

 Objectives of Group Coaching:Woman at a table writing

  • Address individual or organizational challenges
  • Navigate organizational politics
  • Learn to effectively lead groups
  • Practice coaching and facilitation skills
  • Provide feedback
  • Increase trust among peers
  • Build relationships across departments
  • Develop strategic thinking, planning, and problem-solving

 Benefits of Group Coaching:

  • Ensures goal accomplishment at personal, group, organizational levels
  • Create a learning community for peer consultation and support
  • Synthesis of traditional leadership development and assessment data
  • Systems thinking and understanding of the organization’s strategy
  • Enhance creativity and increase personal flexibility
  • Deepens organizational values and culture
  • Group development and peer consultation skills
  • Time management and priority setting
  • Integration of development and performance (operational) goals
  • Impact on bottom line

 Sample Group Coaching Members:

  • Cross-divisional teams brought together to elicit culture change within entire organization
  • Teams who want to build understanding of co-workers business issues and break down silo mentality
  • Supervisors who want to effectively resolve and act on common management challenges
  • High potential groups with a key assignment from senior executive sponsors
  • New departmental management team
  • Individuals leading change
  • Individuals who want to take action on their multi-rater feedback and development goals

Choose Group Coaching:

  • When traditional supervisory training or management/leadership development has not meet with success or sustained change
  • When rapid change has unsettled your leadership team
  • When you have invested in 360 feedback and want a cost effective alternative to individual executive coaching
  • When you want to build internal facilitation capabilities
  • When you want to introduce a change and need management commitment for that
  • When you have tried the program-of-the-month with little success
  • When you are ready to take the plunge of deep and solid leadership development

 What Group Coaching Is Not:

  • Group Therapy
  • Easy for the participants
  • A fad
  • For the faint of heart

Action Learning

In addition to Group Coaching, The Bader Group also facilitates Organizational Action Learning programs.  These programs are customized and center around an organizational challenge that participants address, research, and build recommendations for.   The selection of the challenge is critical to the success of the Action Learning project.  Ideally, it is strategic in nature and focused on the customer.

These projects include:

  • 10-12 high-potential/succession planning participants
  • Executive sponsorship and mentoring
  • Facilitation of the process that allows complete ownership by the participants
  • Executive coaching throughout the program based on 360 data and development plans approved by the executive owner
  • Video-taping of all meetings for instant replay and feedback of group dynamics and teamwork
  • Daily de-brief sessions
  • Just-in-time learning pieces such as: decision-making, creativity, and systems thinking
  • . . . and many other movable components

Participants find that this experience ranks the highest among all their previous leadership development experiences.  The facilitators, coaches, sponsors, and participants see transformations unfold.  The organization receives a well-thought out series of recommendations that reach implementation.

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