Executive Coaching

Did you know that Executive Coaching has been found to have a 5.7 times Return on Investment (ROI)?

—The Manchester Review, 6(1), 1-9

Executive Coaching brings a qualified business coach together with an individual (executive, manager, or individual contributor) to address and solve specific organizational and leadership challenges.  Typically, once the contractual agreements are arranged, the coach collaborates with the participant to assess his or her motivations, challenges, and organizational context.  To lay the groundwork for a successful coaching engagement, The Bader Group customizes multi-rater feedback surveys, stakeholder interviews and utilize state-of-the-art assessments.  Often, valuable data exists in an organization’s survey results (employee, customer, patient, etc.) and the participant’s performance objectives.  Our coaching is based on the goals of the participant in the context of his or her leadership challenges and the organization’s expectations.

How do I know if Executive Coaching is right for my organization?

It is time to retain an Executive Coach during change, to capitalize on opportunities or when roadblocks limit effectiveness, such as:


  • Change in job scope, such as promotions
  • To move from tactical to a more strategic focus
  • To build and apply influence skill
  • To delegate more effectively
  • Political barriers
  • Increase or decrease in staff
  • Interpersonal conflicts
  • Disagreement with boss
  • Special performance barriers
  • After a 360 assessment
  • Growth of division or company
  • Change in strategy

  For almost 30 years, The Bader Group coaching successes include:

  • Guiding a VP of Information Technology to improve communication, executive presence, and strategic focus supporting a promotion and closer relationships at the C-level.
  • Building confidence in a talented, but self-critical high performer who then delegated operational tasks, allowing him to focus on strategy.
  • Partnering with a Pharmaceutical Site Head to shift the organizational culture from research focus to market driven.
  • Guiding a Division Head in strengthening her leadership and strategic focus by adding storytelling to her communication style and delegating and relying on her Directors.
  • Assisting a high potential individual contributor in navigating organizational politics, leading her to influence decision making
  • Preparing an operations manager to take the role of a CEO, leading the organization to financial success.
  • Guiding a new manager to take the lead in an international branch office, improving operations and staff morale.
  • Challenging an entrepreneur to move his organization to expand by introducing a management structure that allowed the company to double in size.

  What differentiates The Bader Group’s Executive Coaches from others?

 The Bader Group coaches integrate 3 key features to ensure a successful coaching program.

  1. CONTEXT. We incorporate our understanding of the organization context, system issues, politics, and strategies into the coaching discussions.
  2. PROCESS. We guide the participant to address his or her motivations, assumptions, and needs through the art of deep listening, high gain questions, empathy, and challenge.
  3. DATA. We utilize many and varied forms of personal and organizational assessment tools to provide a picture of the participant’s leadership abilities and results.

The Bader Group coaches strive to balance the executive’s agenda, needs, and objectives with the organization’s strategic plan, culture, and demands by:

 Reviewing the mission, values, strategies, and direction of the organization

  • Understanding the culture and organizational politics
  • Aligning the coaching goals with the executive’s business goals that in turn impact the strategic direction of the organization
  • Calling attention to the organization’s expressed values or goals and comparing them to the observed behaviors, both positive and negative
  • Keeping up to date with the pulse and initiatives of the organization
  • Considering all the executive’s stakeholders when defining coaching goals
  • Clarifying the teams in which the executive participates and influences
  • Aligning the participant’s coaching goals with his or her manager’s expectations.

The Bader Group’s credentials and expertise:

Through rigorous review processes we hold qualifications or approvals by The Center for Creative Leadership, the Center for Credentialing and Education and/or The International Coach Federation.

For each coaching engagement, we choose assessment tools that fit the coaching client and their organizational context.  We hold experience working with many different tools, including but not limited to:

  • Hogan
  • Workplace Big 5 Profile
  • MBTI
  • FIRO-B
  • Conflicts Dynamics Profile
  • Benchmarks
  • Executive Dimensions
  • Harrison
  • California Psychological Inventory
  • Leadership Navigator
  • Profilor
  • Skillscope
  • Covey Speed of Trust Audit
  • Denison
  • And many more
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