Creative Team Building

Do you want to build trust, increase morale, and create a more effective team?

team_aniThere are many different kinds of teams — from inter-dependent teams in hospital ER’s to remote teams of engineering subject matter experts.  Words like virtual, international, mulit-generational, co-located, specialized, ad hoc, or cross-functional describe teams.  A common purpose, trust, and support of one another forms individuals into a team.  In our almost 30 years of facilitating team building sessions, we have seen the value of commitment, accountability and follow up.

Powerful team building happens in the purposeful work of solving a problem together in an atmosphere of trust.  We have designed and facilitated team building events from one hour to one-week long.  We have guided teams in deserts, on mountains, in kayaks, on boats, board rooms, and kitchens, and yes — in ordinary conference rooms.

Highly customized, each team building activity typically includes the following steps:

  1. The Bader Group interviews the participants to gauge their motivational level, business challenges, and needs
  2. Relevant survey results and metrics are reviews to lay the foundation for accountability and follow-up.
  3. The Bader Group creates a design based on the goals of the teambuilding
  4. The client approves the plan and logistics are finalized
  5. Open and clear communications to all participants are distributed and pre-work or other tasks are assigned so that everyone arrives to the team building sessions informed, enthusiastic, and motivated.
  6. The teambuilding is facilitated by experienced Bader Group facilitators with full participation by all.
  7. The Bader Group facilitators guide the participants to glean insights and form actions for immediate workplace application.
  8. Outcomes and follow up are agreed upon to sustain the team progress made.

Call on us for a conversation on how we can assist you team to:

  • Increase Collaboration and Creativity
  • Build or Restore Trust
  • Meet their Goals more effectively
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