Coach Supervision

Coach Supervision: a comfortable oasis for reflection on and renewal of one’s coaching practice*

Supervision is a learning partnership between a qualified supervisor and an executive coach. Its objective is to achieve positive, substantive, and long-term effectiveness for the coach. In turn, the insights and skills learned in supervision will impact the clients’ and the organizations’ performance and ultimately, the coaching profession. The partnership is one of trust, exploration, renewal, and courage.


In this emerging field of coaching supervision, the coach arranges to meet with another coach for their own benefit or to discuss their work.  Coach supervision is not evaluative or directive as the term ‘supervision’ may imply.

Coach supervision consists of meetings either by Skype or in-person. Occurring every 6-8 weeks, depending on one’s coaching workload, supervision provides:

  • Clarity and rigor about confidentiality, contracting, boundaries, and ethical issues
  • Time for reflection on one’s coaching presence, process, and techniques
  • Exploration of different perspectives and new ideas
  • Validation and support
  • Challenge of assumptions and habits of one’s coaching practice
  • Attention to the leadership system, organizational, and cultural aspects of coaching


  • Expansion of one’s range, capabilities, skills, and confidence
  • New self-awareness, renewal, and personal development
  • Increased quality of one’s work; maximizing of coaching engagements
  • The potential of increased quantity of work as having a supervisor will differentiate you from other coaches and serve as a selling point.
  • Deeper reflection and presence in coaching including the impact of the coaching work on one’s physical and mental well being.


*This process honors the ethics and develops the competencies outlined by the International Coach Federation (ICF), European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), and the Association of Coaching (AC).  For specific program information:

Dr. Gloria E. Bader received her diploma in Coach Supervision from the Coach Supervision Academy of the UK in 2014. She founded The Bader Group in 1989 with a focus on leadership development. Her coaching clients have spanned executive levels in prestigious universities, Fortune 50’s, multi-nationals, health care and biosciences, retail, manufacturing, and financial/investment/insurance sectors, NGO’s, and new millennium start-ups.

She was an adjunct faculty member and executive coach with The Center for Creative Leadership for 25 years and has mentored over 40 Masters and Ph.D. student interns. She recently published Group Coaching: Seeing Things Differently and developed Trust Cards that is a tool to guide a conversation on trust. Gloria holds a doctorate in leadership studies from the University of San Diego.

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