1. Great golfers have coaches

“…one of the biggest reasons (Tiger) Woods is back on top of golf is that he has finally clicked with new swing coach, Sean Foley, less than three years after they started working together.

Foley, originally from Toronto, is a strange guy in the world of golf. In 2010, before he started coaching Woods, Sports Illustrated described him as, “one of the most eclectic swing instructors on the PGA Tour — combining lessons from human kinetics, physics, psychology, philosophy, and hip-hop music.”

Jay Yarrow in Business Insider May 13, 2013

2. My favorite actress Merly Streep values coaching

“Thank you for coming over.” she graciously announced. I shook her hand and instantly felt Meryl’s magic running through my arteries. How was this woman so quiet and powerful at the same time? And how am I supposed to coach her in acting when I can’t even stand in her vicinity? Meryl began to explain, “You see Du, from time to time, I work with a non-actor to act with, without acting which helps me be an un-actor.”

Catch Twenty Du blog Jan. 11, 2014

3. Celebrated musicians have coach-teachers

From a faculty Portrait of Joel Smirnoff – Chair of the violin department and teacher of Augustin Hadelich a young and gifted violinist I heard last summer at the Hollywood Bowl.

“If your students could only remember one thing from your teaching, what would you want it to be?

It’s hard to single out one element. One has to remember at all times that what we do in the practice room and the studio only prepares us for the stage. I find more and more that violin teaching is often the re-teaching of basic musical values.”

The Julliard Journal May 2014

4. Yes, tennis stars like Serena Williams have coaches

“It has been a season to savor for Serena Williams, but also a season to savor Team Williams, the diverse group that provides the star’s emotional, logistical and technical backup: Her longtime hitting partner, Sascha Baijin, is German; her physical therapist, Esther Lee, was born in the United States and raised in Canada; her fitness coach, Mackie Shilstone, and personal chef, Lauren von der Pool, are Americans, and her coach and confidant, Patrick Mouratoglou, is French. Mouratoglou has been the highest-profile addition. He is a veteran coach with an eponymous academy near Paris who analyzes the game for print and television outlets in Europe and has worked with numerous leading players…”

Christopher Carey Oct. 18, 2013 NYT
“The Ambitious Coach Behind Serena Williams”