Coach supervision has amazing parallels among professionals of every field

1. Great golfers have coaches “…one of the biggest reasons (Tiger) Woods is back on top of golf is that he has finally clicked with new swing coach, Sean Foley, less than three years after they started working together. Foley, originally from Toronto, is a strange guy in the world of golf. In 2010, before…


1. Group Coaching: Personal and Organizational Benefits by Janet Ratniewski, M.S.

Action learning is one of the fastest growing methodologies used for leadership development in organizations. Group Coaching is one of the methods through which Action Learning takes shape. Through Group Coaching, learning occurs on multiple levels, as group members tackle challenges in the moment while acquiring requisite skills for future problem-solving.  Participants improve valuable communication…


Group Coaching: an Introduction by Gloria E. Bader, Ed.D.

Join us in a dialogue about Group Coaching. Under the umbrella methodology of Action Learning, Group Coaching is defined as a process in which 4-6 participants address current real work challenges in a simple structured format, problem-solve through guided questioning, and take action based on new insights. Led by a facilitator, each participant receives careful…


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