One of the key components of the Group Coaching process features individual goal setting. After a group member shares their particular challenge, others in the group guide the person to define the issue more clearly through inquiry. Once the challenge is well defined, the group helps the individual form an action plan, and encourages accountability for taking steps towards the goals. The individual is afforded an opportunity to reflect on goal progress with the group along the way, feeling both supported and challenged through the Group Coaching process. Goals set by group members in the past include:

  • Learning how to influence others
  • Managing competing priorities
  • Winning buy-in from a particular co-worker
  • Aligning their actions with organizational initiatives
  • Communicating with their managers more effectively through role clarity conversations

Sometimes general topics stimulate identification of pressing concerns, such as: sharing “rocks” and “balloons” with the group (factors that weigh people down versus letting them soar and excel in their work).

Over time, participants sharpen their goal setting skills and at the beginning of each new Group Coaching session, each participant provides a progress report on their goals. All reflection without action is not the purpose of Action Learning!