Sample pre-work for individual participants in a Group Coaching session.

This worksheet aids the participant in focusing on a suitable challenge (problem, opportunity, and/or issue on which they want to take action).  It is often difficult to choose between possible challenges (e.g.: resources on a particular project, planning complexities, one’s leadership style and its impact on change, stakeholder issues, etc.).  The choice is important, as the challenge is the primary vehicle for action and learning.

1. Describe your challenge in one sentence.

2. Why is this important?                      to you?                                to your organization?

3. How will you recognize progress on this problem or opportunity?

4. Who else would like to see progress on this?

5. How do you intend to go about tackling this challenge?  What are your first steps?

6. What are the benefits if this problem is reduced or resolved?                         to you?          to your organization?