Action learning is one of the fastest growing methodologies used for leadership development in organizations. Group Coaching is one of the methods through which Action Learning takes shape.

Through Group Coaching, learning occurs on multiple levels, as group members tackle challenges in the moment while acquiring requisite skills for future problem-solving.  Participants improve valuable communication skills, analytic skills, influence skills, and absorb a greater perspective of the organization as a system. Self-awareness related to motivation and accountability changes.

Group members learn to support and challenge one another through asking meaningful questions and learning to avoid the temptation of telling each other what to do. Through this process, members practice and internalize the skill of coaching so they can help others more effectively in the future.

One of the greatest insights people have acquired through Group Coaching is the realization that they are not alone, and that others in their workplace face similar challenges. Participants leave with a new support network and a deeper understanding of others. They learn to slow themselves down and listen, considering multiple perspectives. They are inspired about how to propose ideas and get buy in that will help move their organizations move forward.

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