13. Group Coaching: Preparing to Facilitate a Group Coaching Set

Who among us would not benefit by engaging in a learning conversation, artfully and skillfully led by a competent and caring facilitator who teaches us how to draw on the collective knowledge of engaged and trusted colleagues? In a nutshell, the ideal background for a Group Coaching facilitator is an artful blend of group process…


12. Group Coaching—The Executive Sponsor and Project Manager

Transformational change programs (such as Action Learning projects) achieve their intended results with the clear, active, and steadfast sponsorship of a senior manager and the attentive planning skills of a project manager. Both roles require organizational influence, strategy, and belief in the value of Group Coaching. Attributes and Roles of a Strong Executive Sponsor (typically…


11. Group Coaching: It’s not your Traditional Training Experience

Group Coaching differs substantially from traditional training methods. Training offers content: Action Learning builds new solutions and insights. In the words of an experienced practitioner, Work-based learning…differs from conventional education in that it involves conscious reflection on actual experience…one constantly thinks about one’s problem solving process. It is not enough just to ask, “What did…


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