10. Group Coaching: Benefits and Key Characteristics

In addition to bringing group members relevant new knowledge and a variety of important peer support skills, group coaching improves peoples’ ability to learn. Group coaching benefits organizations by stimulating constructive change and an entrepreneurial outlook: Encourages the development and improvement of processes, services, and products Increases team functioning and maturity Integrates professional development and…


9. Group Coaching: The Gold Standard of Learning how to Learn

Did you ever learn how to learn? That is, do you know how to acquire the knowledge, skill, and mindset necessary to understand and adapt to whatever situation you encounter? Action Learning excels as a catalyst that drives individuals, groups, and organizations to become continuous, thoughtful learners. Characteristics of a Learning Orientation The practice of…


8. Group Coaching: The Foundation

Do the answers to problems always exist in books (if only we knew where to find them)? Are experts our best bet for resolving problems? Neither. The Group Coaching method, a form of action learning, demonstrates that we can best discover answers to our problems by asking the right questions (rather than seeking the right…


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