5. Group Coaching: Where Groups Struggle by Janet Ratniewski, M.S.

Several areas typically emerge wherein groups struggle in the Group Coaching process and wherein powerful learning ultimately occurs: In the beginning, group members view with the process with skepticism. “Is this worth my time?” they ask. Resistance surfaces. Over time, group members feel more natural in the process and grow exponentially in Group Coaching abilities.…


4. Group Coaching: Goal Setting by Janet Ratniewski, M.S.

One of the key components of the Group Coaching process features individual goal setting. After a group member shares their particular challenge, others in the group guide the person to define the issue more clearly through inquiry. Once the challenge is well defined, the group helps the individual form an action plan, and encourages accountability…


3. Group Coaching: Pre-work by Gloria E. Bader, Ed.D.

Sample pre-work for individual participants in a Group Coaching session. This worksheet aids the participant in focusing on a suitable challenge (problem, opportunity, and/or issue on which they want to take action).  It is often difficult to choose between possible challenges (e.g.: resources on a particular project, planning complexities, one’s leadership style and its impact…


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